Thursday, December 1, 2011


last year i made coen this adorable mismatched sock advent calender and it was such a hit that i have been excitedly waiting to pull it out again. i love starting new traditions with my own family. i love how they develop and design themselves year after year and i also love that we get a few years to work out the kinks before the little ones actually start remembering. 

well today is december 1st. this morning when i announced that to coen he yelled super loud, "it's time to go on a really big airplane!" almost son, 2 more days. 

i went on to explain that Christmas was Jesus' birthday, and that we spend the month remembering and celebrating Him. coen thought about it and said, "Jesus will be really sad if we don't eat m&m's, he told me that." so we aren't quite there yet, but i love his sweet innocence. 

no matter how you choose to celebrate this season, i wish you a heart full of joy as you create and celebrate your own traditions. 

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