Monday, October 19, 2015

hello, august!

in hawaii the kids go back to school early, so august feels more like september except that it's smoking hot outside. really, the summer just feels too short. this year they started school the last week of july. i mean, seriously?! anyway. like i said, august was so hot. just sitting still caused you to full on sweat and no matter how many fans you plug in, it was hard to get relief. i complained at home, but the classrooms at school were blazing as well. at one point they reached 96 degrees inside the class! not okay! hey hawaii, were are you rair conditioners?!
woah. sorry about the rant. this years heat was just nothing to be forgotten. moving on, we had a great august....
a tower of bday doughnuts to celebrate a special friend. 

sweet stories while i cook dinner.
we harvested at least a hundred avocados from our 2 trees. and then we ate them.

pool party with friends.
marin's 1st drawing of a person. (be still my heart.)

just like that, she's off to aunty sarah's. we love this sweet in home preschool. marin goes two days a week so that i can volunteer at coen's school. not in coen's class though. he said that it, "stresses me out to have you in my class." so i went back to the kindergarten class this year, and i love it. 

1st grade open house at ha'aheo elementary.

sometimes we invite ourselves over to other peoples houses for dinner.
but we bring ribs, so it works out.

Sammy didn't get any ribs.
coen's ultimate passion right now is soccer. all. day. long. side note: the coach is hot ;-)

i took c on a bux date and the this is how his order came out. even the barista gets him.

"i'm such a great helper!"
since marin naps on the floor at auntie sarah's house, she insisted that she and all her friends sleep together on the floor in her room at night. this lasted about a week, then i insisted that she sleep in her bed. i mean, she has a bed!
the odd couple.
our little ninja!


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