Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sixteen weeks!

ahhhh, she is painfully cute.

fifteen weeks!

fourteen weeks!

week in review: 14,15 &16

eep! i am so behind. but to be honest we all (except marin, thank God) got a violent stomach flu during week 14, so that week is basically a wash. no one wants to know or remember that horrific event. coen actually fell asleep on the couch next to a puke bowl...a first for him. 
so that puts me two weeks behind. big deal. here is a look at some of the craziness that goes on around here.
marin loves the fresh air, so I set her out on the lanai in her bouncy seat. when i went to check on her I found coen bundled up next to her. it was a chilly 67 degrees, pretty much freezing. 

um, I don't know what to say about this.

we had a darling little valentine's day party at our house with our playgroup friends. and I finally had a good reason to use these mason jar glasses my sis in law gave me a while back. love them.

love him.

on valentine's day we had a special breakfast with red velvet heart shaped pancakes. they were quite delicious, I think the cream cheese vanilla bean frosting had something to do with it.


valentine's all ready to go to preschool.

we sent coen on a clue hunt around the house to find were the love bugs were hiding. I love this fun tradition. c got a new plane and helicopter and m got some spiffy new headbands. we stopped at the park on the way home and then wes cooked us a fancy dinner. I love my family, and I love loving them. does that make any sense?


we had a wonderful playdate at esme and ah thai's house last week. coen and esme did some sewing and ah thai was pretty interested in checking out marin. before we know it marin will be crawling around with ah thai, and then marin won't seem like such a boring baby.



this is aunt geri's fault.

this is gami and pop pops fault. (thanks for the cute clothes!)

swinging is,

this hair is ridiculous.

lilla is SUCH good friend.

ruffle butts are cuuuuuute.

a sleeping baby in the car, thank you sweet Jesus.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

week in review:13

sophie came over to play. she also thought it was so fun to pull marin's paci out of her mouth 500 times, and then attempt putting it back in. true friendship.  
the big news this week is that my brother and sis in law came to visit! they were going to a wedding on maui and hopped over to the big island to see us and meet marin while she is still new-ish. it was so so SO great to have them here and we hope the come back (with the girls!).... like, tomorrow! 

"hey uncle matt, wanna play with me?"


social networking with aunt geri.


this picture makes my heart SO happy.

so does this one.

a little bling from her cousins.

this is how we bowl.

matt and wes woke up at 3am and hiked out to the ocean entry lava flow. it was a clear night with a full moon, and they came back with so many cool pictures and video. i am very envious of this, but am glad that they got to bond over magma. 

fresh paint. 

and some cute pictures of marin just because i can.