Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy birthday marin maisie!

this year has really just flown by. i don't know what happened, or where it went. but it is gone. it  i feel like i was just blogging about the emotional day marin joined our family.  it was such a fun year getting to know our little wild thing. marin is so busy and curious and sure of herself. i look at her all that time and i am so thankful that we got her. that God knew that she was exactly what we needed. the most magical part of this year has been watching coen become an awesome big brother. they really adore each other, and i am humbled that we were chosen to be their parents. God is so good!
we had a fun, full day of celebrating the joy marin brings to our family. coen got to ditch school and wes took th day off from work. i know she won't remember any of this, but we will. and we ALL had fun!
birthday breakfast cupcake! 

day trip to to waimea for some lunch and pumpkin patchin'!

follow mr smarty pants through the corn maze...

victory dance! 


home for baths, dinner, and presents!

welcome great pumpkin {party}!

i love the fall. a lot. always have, always will. i loved planning a fall wedding. oh man did i love it. but let me tell you something, i super duper love having a fall baby. i mean, come on! i will always get to plan a fall-like birthday party for as long as she allows it. i really had fun planning this great pumpkin party.
it was great. fun, yes. but mostly great refers to the 80 (i kept saying 60, but i just revised the guest list and did an official count....crazy!) friends that helped us celebrate miss marin. the bummer was that the birthday girl woke up from her nap with a runny nose and was clearly not feeling well. so she didn't get to enjoy it as much as i had hoped. but the big kids and adults really had a blast and the party was a wonderful great pumpkin success. here is a look!
popcorn bar
{scoop. mix. eat.}

great pumpkin patch!

if only i had more time, the tissue paper puffs could have gotten a bit out of control. 

our lucy van pelt


piƱata time!

80 people singing is a bit frightful!

 she was in bed asleep by 6:30. poor girl! but the party went on and we really enjoyed celebrating with SO many people. a big HUGE thanks to everyone who came out, we really appreciate it!