Friday, June 29, 2012

over half way there

today i am 22 weeks along with sweet marin maisie.  it's nice to be on the downhill side. i am not tired of being pregnant, but just totally ready to have her here with us. in some ways it is going fast, and then again i feel like fall is still so far away. 

things i love about being pregnant: 
feeling her movements. starbucks bacon breakfast sandwiches. coen's sweet voice talking about his little sister, marin 'daisy'. preparing a nursery. elastic waistbands. 

things i do not like about being pregnant: 
heartburn in the middle of the night. expanding waistlines (and hips). achy back muscles. constantly being hungry. sneeze peeing. 

a few weeks ago kahuku photography asked to come over and do a mini maternity shoot with coen and i. she is going to come back when i am further along, so we can get some good progression photos of the growing belly. all the pictures were taken at our home, or on our property and i love them. 

friday phone-dump

holy guacamole, it's been a crazy couple weeks. but here is catch up. 

it's a girl. 

coen likes to eat lemons. so does wes. 

singing silly songs about being eaten by a boa constrictor gives my 3 year old horrific nightmares about boa 'constructions' resulting in having the said 3 year old in our bed. cozy.

honolulu is a beautiful city, and flying is fun for coen. 

pink clothes are fun to buy. 

croup is a miserable, miserable thing to deal with for both the sick child and the parents that are up all night. 

it has been a loooooong week.

3 weeks and counting till summer tour2012 and i can't wait to meet the baker half dozen! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

marin maisie

after several days of pondering we have officially named this sweet baby girl. naming a human is rough, i mean they are going to walk around the planet carrying the name we saw most fit for their entire life. talk about pressure. i love how everyone goes about it differently. for me (being the anticipater that i am), i love knowing the gender and naming the baby during my pregnancy. i feel like the bonding begins and i can actually start imagining myself with this new little person. someone asked me once if i ever felt like coen wasn't really a "coen" after he was born. i had never thought about it, but i can honestly say no. i just knew in my heart that was the name meant for him. maybe it's a gift? maybe i am just crazy? maybe i should stop rambling...the baby is not even here yet. 

coming this fall, our own little miss marin maisie 

oh and in case you are wondering it is MA-RIN, like the county (not mar-in). although i am sure her whole life will be spent correcting people on that...oh wells. it's done, i've imprinted on it. 

father's day 2012

for father's day i took wes to a beach house on the north shore of oahu to surf. ha! yeah right. it just so happened that we were in oahu on father's day for baby2's ultrasound. lucky for wes he did get to surf. after a relaxing morning of drinking coffee and watching the surf, wes decided he would give it a go. when he was done he took coen in for a swim, and even i joined them. while we were floating in the waves a giant sea turtle swam up to us, popped his head up and looked straight at coen and then swam away. so cool! we are SO lucky to have wes. he is an amazing daddy and hubby. we feel very blessed!


since we had to fly to oahu to check in on baby2 we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it. and since we have family friends that live in honolulu, it was easy to get away for a few days. here are a million pictures from our quick trip. we already want to go back. 

the beautiful city, and some pretty cool dudes. 

while wes was golfing with the guys, coen had a morning out with mama at the aquarium and of course some shopping. helllllllo, babygap! it was a win-win for both of us. 

coen walked smack into this fish tank at full speed. he had a goose egg to show for it. it was both sad and funny at the same time. 

being three is a lot of work, good thing this palm tree was here for a rest break. 

after a morning in the city, we drove to the north shore to spend the rest of the weekend at a beach house. i enjoyed the scenic drive while coen slept. we spent the weekend relaxing...and playing with coen, he has yet to learn about relaxing. it was magnificent. did i mention that we want to go back?