Thursday, January 24, 2013

twelve weeks!


week in review: 12

twelve weeks! is that officially 3 months or do i get to wait till january 30 to say i have a three month old? i'm waiting.

a few things about marin:
a. she is the pickiest most finicky eater in the history of eaters.
b. last night she slept 10.5 hours straight. and since i just said that out loud, she will never do that again.
c. she hates, hates, hates (i mean HATES) the car.
moving on. this week was a big milestone, forward facing in the bjorn! yes, i know the recommended age is 4 months, but she has good head control and wants to face out. all. the. time. also she hates (but not as much as her hate for the car, nothing could be worse than that) facing towards me (or anyone) in the bjorn.

wes is a daddy rockstar. the end.


our first born, lily celebrated her 7th birthday! we made her scrambled eggs and sang happy birthday.


i bought this string of hearts at target and i tell wes 10 times a day how happy they make me. i can't explain it, but i just loooooove them. also valentine's season makes me miss my bestie. a lot.


on saturday mornings i take coen out on a date. i look forward to it all week. this last week we went to a new park and he had a blast. i had some fun too.

hi. again.

meagan hove, if you are reading this... here is proof that i did follow through with my goal of tummy time.


well, hi there. yet again.

coen and i visited a montessori school that is on a farm in our little town. it was magical and i am sure you will be hearing more about it in the future. (wink, wink).


mama time!



this might be inappropriate but i am doing it anyway. driving in the car with marin is torture. i am not joking, i can think of 500 billion things i would rather do than climb in the car with her. we have tried everything. it's awful. you should pray about it for me. it's that bad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

eleven weeks!

ah! a nakey baby! 

week in review:11

so much fun was had this week, here is the re-cap:
at playgroup we celebrated sweet acacia's third birthday! it has been so fun to watch her grow over the past (almost!) two years we have been on the island.
marin let regina hold her for like 10 seconds. what is it with my babies being totally in love with me and only me?


coen's love for his sister grows deeper. he shows how much he loves her by kissing her and occasionally poking her in the eye. oh, brothers.


just having a picnic.

we had great weather this last week. our view is pretty much breathtaking.

this is exciting...if you are me. i sent my necklace back to lisa leaonard designs, and they returned it all shiny and with a "marin"!

we spent sunday at the beach. it was beautiful! coen got some swimming in, and we even dipped marin's toes in the ocean for the first time. she loved it!

ok. man with man with MY baby...even hotter. 

i decided to try m out in the bumbo chair. may be a little early, but she sure thought it was funny. coen could hardly wait to put his biscuits in there when she was done.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

thirty two looks good on you!

yesterday we got to spend the entire day celebrating our favorite guy. wes took the day off and we headed into town. breakfast, surfing, presents, meatballs and cheesecake. happy birthday cool guy, thirty two looks good on you!