Saturday, May 19, 2012

coen and beckett

i thought it would be a perfect time to do coen's 3 year photos while beckett was visiting. and i was right. they are so cute and precious and i just love their darling little faces...and you probably do too.  

 mr c & mr b 

coen scott - three years

beckett kol - sixteen months 

Friday, May 18, 2012

magdalena's baby luau

yesterday we got to celebrate sweet magdalena's first birthday at her baby luau. it's a hawaiin tradition to have a big luau to celebrate turning one (or "making" one, as they say here). her parents did a fabulous job! sadly, i took very few pictures. but it was such a fun afternoon filled with music, hula, and good food! happy birthday magdalena! 

singing to the birthday girl! 

wonderful entertainment! 

big sister, mary! 

i claim him, even when he is dancing hula!

welcome, baby girl!

earlier this week coen and i got to meet a very sweet and very new baby girl. her mama and daddy are still deciding on the perfect name, but she is just totally perfect and sweet and squishy. we also got to visit with the new BIG sister, esme. coen thinks it is so cool that esme has a baby at her house, i hope he feels the same way when it's his turn. mostly c and e just played together, giving the baby little attention. but coen was very interested in her little teeny toes. thanks for sharing your new sister with us, emse! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

four babies on the way...

no no not for us. but for some of our very dear friends in the seattle area. many of you also know this amazing couple, but for our friends that are local here on the island i thought you would like direct access to their story. i talk about them all the time and feel like i do their story no justice. and now that the media has taken interest in their amazing journey i think it is best to let brian and misty narrate this exciting season as they prepare to welcome FOUR bundles of joy next month!

two sets of twins are on the way in the most unusual way...check out their story and be blessed by all involved. i hope to one day meet amber so that i can hug her, what a friend. seriously.

get to know them at,

and yes the big question is, are they really ready to have four babies?! ha! were any of us really ready to have one? God is good, he brought these miracles and he will guide them through this wonderful, joyful and chaotic journey of parenthood. i can't wait to meet the baker4 this july!

mother's day weekend

wes asked coen the following question and wrote the answers in my mothers day card. geese being a mama is the best thing ever. 

question: what is your favorite thing about mama? 
1. when she says nice words to me
2. snuggles
3. i like her to read cat in the hat 
4. kisses 
5. i like when she calls me pilot

coen made me this teapot in preschool on thursday and was SO proud and excited to give it to me. seeing his little face light up as he said, "happy mother's day!" made that monthly tuition 100% worth every penny. i am such a lucky mama. what i loved most about his picture was how well he wrote his own name! i was so shocked to see such a clean C-O-E-N. i asked him to write it for me later that day, and he did...5 times. so proud of him! 

we had a wonderful mother's day weekend that started off with an afternoon beach trip on saturday. we took a walk out on the lava rocks and saw the biggest sea turtle we have ever seen. he was a giant. 

on sunday morning i woke up to these two cooking a wonderful mother's day breakfast. mushroom and cheese frittata, and crepes with strawberries, whip cream, bananas and chocolate syrup. lucky mama! 

after breakfast we headed up to the volcano and took a hike at bird park. it was so beautiful. this forest really reminds me on the northwest. we ended our journey at a small garden cafe in volcano village. what a perfect day, (and i will say it again) what a lucky mama!

poolside in kona

for my birthday i asked to go to a resort in kona and do nothing but sit by the pool. we planned the resort at the end of the visit so that it wouldn't be as much traveling back to back. kids never sleep good at hotels, it is just a genetic code for them to be too excited to sleep. but i just don't care when i am lunching poolside with a frozen drink. even if it is virgin, it's still blissful. we spent the entire day at the pool on monday, even insisting the boys nap in cabanas poolside. it was hard to wake up all hot and sweaty but some snacks and a cold drink brought them back to life. they didn't fly out till 9pm that night, so we even had time for the kona brewing company before we saw them off at the airport. 

it was so so so wonderful to have lauren, cortney and beckett visit us. i know it is quite a haul to come all the way to the middle of the pacific with a 1 year old, but we really appreciate it. we love showing people the island and giving them a glimpse at the season we are in right now. i don't think we will live in hawaii forever, but we live here now and might as well soak up all the fun and sun that we can. please come back sooooooon!