Thursday, May 10, 2012

the paci fairy

something very big happened in our house this week and as silly as it sounds i am being very sentimental about it.  if you know coen well, like really really well, then you know how much he loves his paci. it wasn't a habit he picked up right away. in fact he was something like 8-10 months when he found one in his crib a fell head over heals. he has loved his paci. the reason you would have to know him well to understand his love affair is that once he hit 18 months we reserved the paci only for sleep, and for the past year it has not been allowed outside of his crib. but he is a gooooood sleeper and i credit the paci to that. so we set the limit at age 3, and just rode the wonderfulness of the paci the past couple years. i have loved the paci.  

right when coen turned 3 i found out i was pregnant. the morning sickness and fatigue set in quickly and the thought of disrupting coen's sleep terrified me. so i decided we would let it slide till i was feeling better, lucky him. we have been talking about it with him for months, telling him that the paci fairy would come and take the paci for other babies and leave him a gift in return. he loved the idea, even attempted to leave it on the front doorstep a couple times. never a success, but it got him thinking about it. he even picked out the gift he wanted the paci fairy to bring, and i ordered it on amazon the next day so i would be totally prepared when the time came. that was 4 months ago. another bonus to giving the paci up was that he would get a big boy bed. so i have also had new airplane sheets and a bed rail in the closet for the past several months. 
it was time. he is so ready for a bog boy bed. so we took advantage of our last trip to kona and just happened to "forget" the paci in the hotel room yesterday. i thought he would react better to the idea that we "lost" it, rather than some fictitious character coming in and taking it away. but the paci fairy found out that we lost it and sent a special gift and a note. she is so thoughtful. anyway, this is a super long post about a simple, silly thing...but we are just soooo proud of our big boy who is adapting quite well to the new routine. in fact, he has done so well the past two nights that we went ahead and moved him into his big boy bed, but that deserves it's own post!

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