Wednesday, May 9, 2012

school days

a couple of weeks ago i left my camera with coen's preschool teachers and asked them to take some pictures throughout the day. i loved seeing mr c comfortable in his environment and having fun (even though he STILL cries when i drop him off). 

we have been in preschool for several months now, still just 2 mornings a week. i can't remember life before anymore. it was such a rough transition but so good for both of us. we have seen huge growth in coen's social skills, and he is learning to play with kids his age. and i fill my 6 free hours a week with errands and dr appointments. it is priceless. 

i love love love when he comes home singing songs he learned at school. my passion for the classroom is being appreciated from the other side, and i am enjoying my role as a parent. i know it's just two days a week but it is a perfect start for us, and i am so proud of my big independent boy. 

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