Monday, May 14, 2012

four babies on the way...

no no not for us. but for some of our very dear friends in the seattle area. many of you also know this amazing couple, but for our friends that are local here on the island i thought you would like direct access to their story. i talk about them all the time and feel like i do their story no justice. and now that the media has taken interest in their amazing journey i think it is best to let brian and misty narrate this exciting season as they prepare to welcome FOUR bundles of joy next month!

two sets of twins are on the way in the most unusual way...check out their story and be blessed by all involved. i hope to one day meet amber so that i can hug her, what a friend. seriously.

get to know them at,

and yes the big question is, are they really ready to have four babies?! ha! were any of us really ready to have one? God is good, he brought these miracles and he will guide them through this wonderful, joyful and chaotic journey of parenthood. i can't wait to meet the baker4 this july!

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