Thursday, May 10, 2012

e komo mai!

last week lauren, cortney and beckett came to visit! it was SUCH a fun week, and i feel so blessed that they traveled across the pacific to be with me on my {30th} birthday. i have about five million pictures of their visit and really feel in my heart that they all deserve to be blogged. so bare with me, it will be worth it.

they actually flew into kona instead of hilo. i think cortney will never ever do that again. having a 2.5 hour car ride backed up against a full day of travel was just asking for a total meltdown in the car. we survived and i just nervously laughed about it...what else can you do. 

beckett has grown up so much since we saw him in january. coen was really really excited to see him and wanted to hold his hand so bad. good thing we had a full week ahead of nothing but fun...mostly. 

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