Sunday, March 31, 2013

week in review 19.2

the next morning all my playgroup friends came over. it was chaos. but even still, i am so glad that everyone got to meet shannon and amanda. i love when your past life meets your current life and both weave together beautifully. (that was deep!)
 how cute is the next generation of  life long friends? TOO cute, i say!

after some down time, we headed up to the volcano for some super fun.
lava tube, bowling, and the glow. great night! 


 and bright and early the next morning guessed it, hit the beach again!
 we could NOT get enough.


and every good beach day needs shave ice!

and every good beach day with shave ice SHOULD end like this. 

week in review: 19.1

ok people, week 19 was big...HUGE. so much so that it is going to take five billion editions to fill you in on all the good happenings.
we were very VERY blessed to have shannon and amanda, along with their beautiful daughters, visit us on the island. the week was perfect and so fun. i have been friends with both these ladies since 1st grade...whoa! that is pretty much a lifetime of friendship, and sharing mamahood with both of them is just really super special. 
fresh plumeria leis to welcome our guests with aloha!
lunch stop at kona brewing company. 

cool cats heading to hapuna beach. 

up bright and early the next morning to hit the beach again. 



and lots of fun with the newest little ladies. 

resting up because tomorrow is going to fun FUN! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

eighteen weeks!

bikini baby!

week in review: 17 & 18

it is impossible to not get behind. but here is the good news, i am still documenting every little thing even though i don't get the photos uploaded and posted quite as quickly as i used to. so, yeah....

big news, marin discovered she has feet! this has brought her endless entertainment.
also, she is no longer napping and sleeping in her swing at night! she has fully transitioned to sleeping in her crib...we both love it.

coen's favorite new treat are these lychee jelly's that you have to buy at the asian market.
 he can NOT get enough of them. 

no solids for this baby face quite yet. 

 painting rainbows. precious.

no explanation needed. 

prepping for great company!