Saturday, March 31, 2012

kinda big news...

that's right we are growing our tropical nest! the journey to baby number two has been a little rough (more on that later) but we are humbled and thankful to announce that God has blessed us with a healthy and viable pregnancy. being that i am considered 'high risk' this time, we have already seen baby2 four times via ultrasound! (and i am loving the extra attention!) i had a final appointment with our specialist yesterday and he said baby2 already has nubby legs and arms. oh little gummy bear! and we heard the rushing train of the 181 beats per minute little gummy heart! but, the most amazing thing to me is that we first saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks.  people! that is just like 2 weeks after conception, God is so cool! 

i am just over 9 weeks now and thanks to my new best friend, zofran, i am feeling pretty good. my ob decided to put me on a low does of zofran (when needed) because i have been loosing weight. it is magical, and i am actually enjoying food again. i have a feeling the loosing weight days are over...for now anyway. 

please join us in believing that this baby will continue to grow, and that come fall we will have a new little pumpkin in our arms! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

celebrating coen

yesterday was a big day of celebrating around here. when coen woke up in the morning he yelled from his room, "mama am i three?" and all day he kept asking me, "am i still three?" 

love him. 

we started the day off with a breakfast birthday cake in bed. and spent the rest off the day preparing for a big celebration with all of mr coen's friends. 

coen had to have an airplane themed party, of course. he is a pilot after all. here are some pictures of the party details. 

the invitation. 

passport favors for all the travelers. 

a passport photo booth. 

the photo booth was stocked with dress up gear. 

 flying jets in the living room. 

coen is three! 

now boarding at gate C3.

 it was pretty party-riffic! 

in-flight dinning and beverage service. 

complementary in-flight meals. 

the birthday boy! 

the md-11 fedex pinata, made with love by daddy and pop pop. 

singing to the birthday boy.

some passport photos. i didn't get everyone, bummer. 

whoa, i think we rang in the big 03 with a bang. thanks to all who came and partied with us and our little pilot! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

happy birthday coen scott!

something magical happened last night. we put our two year old to bed and he woke up a three year old. craziness! we love you coen scott, more that all the airplanes in all of the world. you make our days so much brighter and funnier. you are joy. 


you have a serious obsession with airplanes. all airplanes, all the time. 
your imagination is beautiful. you are always pretending and telling stories. we love it. 

one year

you are starting to "read" and have several book memorized cover to cover. we love when you "read" to us. 
you have a sense of humor that is silly and quirky, and you love when people laugh with you. 

two years 

you are a good sleeper. still napping 2-3 hours everyday, and sleeping 10-11 hours at night. 
some of your favorite foods right now are noodles, cheese, strawberries and m&ms. 

three years

today you are you, that is tru-er that true. there is no one alive who is your-er than you!
happy happy birthday, sweet boy! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

happy, sad

happy/sad is our version on high/low but coen seemed confused by the high/low thing so we had to simplify it. wes has been gone this past week and this little video is from dinner last night (wes comes home today!). also coen is obsessed with blues clue lately, he saw it at aunty shannys house on our christmas trip and watches youtube clips, but we don't get it on our tv. this will explain why he is calling our dog lily, blue. he is such a crazy. 

a date with esme

on friday coen had a play date with his friend esme. she came over to our house and brought delicious popsicles and even a chocolate bar for me! esme and coen always have so much fun together and i was so proud of coen for sharing his toys, and despite a couple small incidents, they played very well together. thanks for coming over to play, sweet esme!  

he surfs

it took wes just about a year to purchase a surf board and get serious about his newest extreme sport. he has surfed a few times since we moved to the island, but now he is serious. he used his bday money to buy a used board from a co-worker/surfing buddy and even built a snazzy surf board rack in the carport. actually he built two racks, just in case he needs another board (i told you this was serious). 

while i was cooking dinner last week these two were in the living room practicing their surf moves. of course wes is the perfect human surf board for coen. surfs up.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

happy island anniversary

yesterday was our one year anniversary of the day we moved to hawaii. craziness! when i think back on this year, i am a mix of emotions. initially the transition was very very hard. but as the months passed, and visitors swept through, my eyes were opened to what an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity we have been given. i wake up every morning to the sun rising over the pacific ocean, wes' office in smack dab on the side of an active volcanic crater, and coen is being exposed to countless cultures. we get to live here, and that is pretty cool. 

to celebrate our big achievement, we took coen to see his very first movie, the lorax! annnnd we saw it in 3-d, very cool! it was really a good movie with lots of songs and color, and coen sat through the entire thing flawlessly. wes and i tried to watch the movie too, but we were mostly consumed with watching coen watch the movie. ahhhh parenthood. 

here are a few pictures from our first days on the island. coen seems so grown up to me now. like, i think maybe if i am not careful, when i wake up tomorrow he might be sixteen. terrifying. 

happy island life anniversary to, us! 

yard work

on sunday we woke up to sunshine. i'm not kidding, as the sun rose up over the pacific it totally beamed both wes and i awake. SUN! we both welcomed the early wake up call because we have had a whole lot of rain lately. all you pacific northwesters that think you get a lot of rain, you have nothing on us. last week we got 8.5 inches of rain, with a total of 17.5 inches in the last 30 days. alright, so our temps stays between 70-80 degrees, but still it has been quite wet. anyway, we took advantage of a dry day and headed outside bright and early to work on a couple projects. 

coen has started taking himself to the bathroom. this is a big improvement from the normal freeze and yell as loud as he can, "I FEEL PEE PEE COMING!" the side effect is that he sees no reason for pants, just more to take off when he has to go. since it was a nice warm day at home, i just went with it. our first project was to drill fence boards onto our steel gate. this seemed like such an easy project to me. but it was actually a lot of work, for wes. coen was a good support person though, and i pitched in when i could. 

this next project is not quite done, there is just not enough time in a day! but we did manage to get the entry way flower bed built and planted. we have a never-ending amount of lava rock on our property and we try to use it wherever possible in landscaping. our next step for the entry is to add some gravel and stepping stones, then we will be ready to start prepping for grass in the front yard. 

they best part of all this is that coen entertained himself ALL DAY. no joke. he was in and out of the house and totally content. i actually laughed when i went into the playroom that evening and saw all the little things he had been playing with. i love his creative brain!