Saturday, March 31, 2012

kinda big news...

that's right we are growing our tropical nest! the journey to baby number two has been a little rough (more on that later) but we are humbled and thankful to announce that God has blessed us with a healthy and viable pregnancy. being that i am considered 'high risk' this time, we have already seen baby2 four times via ultrasound! (and i am loving the extra attention!) i had a final appointment with our specialist yesterday and he said baby2 already has nubby legs and arms. oh little gummy bear! and we heard the rushing train of the 181 beats per minute little gummy heart! but, the most amazing thing to me is that we first saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks.  people! that is just like 2 weeks after conception, God is so cool! 

i am just over 9 weeks now and thanks to my new best friend, zofran, i am feeling pretty good. my ob decided to put me on a low does of zofran (when needed) because i have been loosing weight. it is magical, and i am actually enjoying food again. i have a feeling the loosing weight days are over...for now anyway. 

please join us in believing that this baby will continue to grow, and that come fall we will have a new little pumpkin in our arms! 


  1. Jenni, Wes and Coen: Congrats on this upcoming change to your wonderful family. We will be praying for you every step of the way!! Keep us posted. Love the SD Katzensteins

  2. I am so excited for you guys! I know it has been a little bit of a rough road getting hear which makes me even more happy for you and your little blessing. Congratulation!!!!

  3. Amazing!! Congratulations!!!!