Tuesday, March 6, 2012

yard work

on sunday we woke up to sunshine. i'm not kidding, as the sun rose up over the pacific it totally beamed both wes and i awake. SUN! we both welcomed the early wake up call because we have had a whole lot of rain lately. all you pacific northwesters that think you get a lot of rain, you have nothing on us. last week we got 8.5 inches of rain, with a total of 17.5 inches in the last 30 days. alright, so our temps stays between 70-80 degrees, but still it has been quite wet. anyway, we took advantage of a dry day and headed outside bright and early to work on a couple projects. 

coen has started taking himself to the bathroom. this is a big improvement from the normal freeze and yell as loud as he can, "I FEEL PEE PEE COMING!" the side effect is that he sees no reason for pants, just more to take off when he has to go. since it was a nice warm day at home, i just went with it. our first project was to drill fence boards onto our steel gate. this seemed like such an easy project to me. but it was actually a lot of work, for wes. coen was a good support person though, and i pitched in when i could. 

this next project is not quite done, there is just not enough time in a day! but we did manage to get the entry way flower bed built and planted. we have a never-ending amount of lava rock on our property and we try to use it wherever possible in landscaping. our next step for the entry is to add some gravel and stepping stones, then we will be ready to start prepping for grass in the front yard. 

they best part of all this is that coen entertained himself ALL DAY. no joke. he was in and out of the house and totally content. i actually laughed when i went into the playroom that evening and saw all the little things he had been playing with. i love his creative brain! 

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