Tuesday, February 28, 2012

art gallery

guess what?! i actually manged to complete a project idea from pintrest. yes, there a a million more to go, but i am excited to share this one with you. i used a bunch (7 to be exact) of cheap-o frames from walmart to create a little art gallery for rotating out wall worthy art projects. i wanted to fill in some space in the dinning room, but since the wall-o-t's is also there, i felt like i needed to keep the frames pretty simple and classic. IF i wasn't competing with the wall-o-t's, i would have loved to add a splash of color by painting some old frames. but i scored with $3 and $5 frames at walmart! 

first i laid them all out on the floor to get the layout right. then i removed the backing and glass, so that i was just left with the frame. this was super easy, they pretty much fall apart. good for this project, not good if you want to really hang pictures in these frames. 

then i carefully hung them on the wall. they were pretty wobbly, so after they were all hung i used a level and some mounting tape to get them good and straight. 

 then i used mounting tape to attach little wooden clothespins to each frame space. 

add art work and voila! a classy and simple way to display and rotate all the masterpieces. i have not filled all my frames yet, and might put some photographs in a couple. really, the possibilities are endless. 

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