Tuesday, February 21, 2012


yesterday was a big big day in our house. i actually sorted, washed, dried, put away & re-made all the laundry and bedding. did you hear me? i did it all in one day. that's right folks, for the next week we won't be sorting through a massive pile of clothes looking for that one item that may or may not be clean. i won't run down to the laundry room and have to re-start the washer of spoiled clothes...again. coen will have underwear to cover his biscuits for an entire week. and and and, our beds are supper snugly soft and clean. yea me! 

i know i am so tooting my own horn. but wes was so impressed he said, "you should blog about this." you see this is not my normal. i always intend to do it all , but is just never happens. and once the pile starts to gain elevation...i loose motivation. (thanks pinterest for these pics!) 

sometimes i think i would enjoy laundry more if i had a beautiful laundry room like this. but then i can think of a million other places in our house i would rather have fancy, places i actually like to be. 

and even though it is a chore, i realized yesterday that folding laundry is good therapy. if you have lots of laundry, then you have lots of time to slow down and think about things.

so yea, me! let it be known that february 20, 2012 was a good day in our house! 

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