Sunday, February 19, 2012

jeffrey is two!

yesterday we got to celebrate jeffrey's jump into his second year of life. that's right, he's 2! jeffrey is our neighbor and it has been so fun to watch the boys grow up over the past {almost} year that we have lived next door. we opened up our house for the party and coen was such a great friend to share all his toys. i let him pick one thing to put away, that he didn't have to share. of course he picked his airplanes and he put them in the pantry. at one point i was looking for coen, and found him sitting in the pantry playing with his planes. that kid. he needs lots of encouragement to play with other kids. which is crazy to me, but we are working on it. anyway, the party was lovely. we ate lots of good food and lauren (jj's mom) made the most beautiful rainbow cake. can't wait to see what the next year holds for these little blonde boys. 

happy birthday sweet jeffrey! 

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