Friday, February 24, 2012


just before valentine's day the photographer that we use was going to be on our side of the island and asked if she could come out to our house to shoot some "couples photography." of course we were into it, but it felt so weird to not have coen around (he was napping). we really love kahuku photography and think that if you are visiting us, or on the island (but that would be rude to not visit us while you were on the island) you should have them take some pictures of you (or your family, or your kids). you can check her out at,

we tried really hard to be seriously romantic. but i just couldn't hold it together. i guess that is just who we are. full of funny. my favorite thing is that these were taken on our property, so cool. i love having these pictures, i am sure our grand-kids will think we were big dorks, but for sure they will know that we were in love...sweet love. 

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  1. awww... Thanks so much for your kind post, and for allowing us to come take photos at your lovely home. Have a great weekend.