Friday, December 20, 2013

gingerbread festival

this year we discovered something wonderful, the gingerbread festival! doesn't that just sound...FUN!? it was all sorts of sugary goodness. and as a bonus it was a fundraiser for easter seals of hawaii. win, win.
we created a wonderfully perfect house. it tasted good too. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

welcome back, finn!

our elf, finn came back today. he was a little late making his december 1st eta. let's just say we hid him really well last year. but the good news is that he made it back. here is the thing, finn always makes his debut with an elf breakfast full of elf sized food. typically i stay up the night before and cook a bunch of mini things. this year in my on going effort to simplify, i sold out to the pre packaged processed foods. easy peasy. know what i heard all morning?
"elf is the best cooker. i just love his food."
nice work, elf.
while eating the prepackaged reindeer cookies he says, "look this says target. elf shops at target too."
then this afternoon while on a walk coen says to me, "don't you like it when elf makes the breakfast so you don't have too?"
um...yes? hello, eggo!
elf on. 

gobble gobble 2013

we had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with great friends here in hawaii. lots of food, kids and craziness. we even played us some 'apples to apples' and ended the weekend at the hilo Christmas parade. we may be on an island in the middle of the pacific, but we are most certainly in the holiday spirit!


big guy

coen is growing up so much. i actually have a hard time remembering him as a baby or toddler. it is like he has been this big kid all along. those of you who know coen, know what an intense personality he has. it has been really interesting to see him focus that intensity at his new school. he is so smart, and was so beyond ready for school. he loves everything about the organization and routine of school. he also really, really loves to learn. it make the teacher inside me giddy to see him so engaged. i just love it.
let me leave you with a good coen story from last week. your welcome.
me: tell me about what happened at school today?
coen; well. i went poop. and i wiped my own booty.
me: good.
coen: no not good. i used too much toilet paper and it wouldn't flush. so i reach my hand down inside and pulled out the toilet paper. and then it flushed.
me: did you wash your hands?
coen: yes.
me: go wash them again.

being one is so much fun!

marin is quite possibly the craziest 13 month old I have ever known. she is a nut. she is emotionally much more mild mannered than her big brother ever was (or is) but she is physically a totally disaster. look people, i am just speaking truth. she is ridiculously cute, which makes the disaster part seem some what we have a choice.
anyway. we totally love her silly little self. here are some pics of her over the last month. getting her to hold still long enough to take a clear photo is a challenge, so this is the best we can do for now.