Tuesday, December 3, 2013

welcome back, finn!

our elf, finn came back today. he was a little late making his december 1st eta. let's just say we hid him really well last year. but the good news is that he made it back. here is the thing, finn always makes his debut with an elf breakfast full of elf sized food. typically i stay up the night before and cook a bunch of mini things. this year in my on going effort to simplify, i sold out to the pre packaged processed foods. easy peasy. know what i heard all morning?
"elf is the best cooker. i just love his food."
nice work, elf.
while eating the prepackaged reindeer cookies he says, "look this says target. elf shops at target too."
then this afternoon while on a walk coen says to me, "don't you like it when elf makes the breakfast so you don't have too?"
um...yes? hello, eggo!
elf on. 

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