Wednesday, July 1, 2015

june 2015

summmmmmmma! if i can, (and i can) let me start by saying that we are totally kicking summers booty. i will be the first to admit that i was a teeny tad nervous to have coen home all summer. i adore him, but school has programmed him to be constantly doing something and it wears me out. marin is still in the age of thinking its a total blast to load and unload the laundry baskets. coen is not. but you know, we totally got this. dare i say that i am enjoying it? well i am, and i have no shame. summer break, we heart you!

day one: we waited in line for 3 hours in the blasting sun to sign up for swim lessons. thankfully we had good company, and we got the lessons we wanted! 

happy birthday, cooper!

ice shave always hits the spot.

C scored a set golf clubs at a friends garage sale. more proof that he is actually a 40 year old man trapped in a 6 year olds body.
maddy's adopt a pupp party was sooooooo cute! happy birthday, maddy!

 hanging at the mall like teenagers.

friend sleep over! lots of silly giggles with these four.

we spent the first 2 weeks of summer with good friends that happened to be in the same swim lessons as us. (the same good friends that are in the sleepover pictures above).  the little girls would have their lesson in the morning, then we would hop across to the beach for a picnic lunch. after lunch the big kids had their lesson. it was a wonderful way to exhaust all involved. but fun too.

a beach day with school friends.

a mochi date with my favorite mochi monster!
 keeping cool, and sugared up.

breakfast in bed. yum.
this girl is hilarious. i asked her to put shoes on as she went outside to play. a few minutes later i peaked out the window to see if she had followed my direction, and i saw her wearing these giant inflatable clown shoes. she was just carrying on with her business like it was no big deal.
rain boots on the beach. another interesting shoe choice. she is just the sweetest.

i love these sweet little girls.
pine tree hideout.

 movie date with gracie grace!

rocking the colored zinka faceblock!
all this summer fun apparently made marin so tired she just had to lay down on the kitchen rug at 6pm and go to sleep. no joke.