Saturday, March 29, 2014

coen's fishing party

today we celebrated coen's 5th birthday with friends at liliuokalani gardens. it was a super good time. kids and parents enjoyed net fishing, good food, an awesome balloon guy, and even some down pours of rain! thanks to everyone who came and helped, but mostly thanks for loving our sweet boy!

the bait shop snack bar

grub. except the grub hadn't arrived.

cupcakes and gifts

buckets and scoop nets

let the fishing begin!

pool fishing for the babies.

pond fishing for the big kids. 

ah! down poor! we do live in the rainiest city in the country, folks.
 the kids had a BLAST playing in the warm rain. 

then the sun was back just in time for the every so popular balloon man!i mean check out his work!

fish on pole

fish on pole, on hat

princess crown 

surfer girl
little sis

a clown fish!
surfer dude. um, he has a six pack.

whiskers the cat. 

coen specifically requested that his 15 year old friend joshua be invited.
we love that joshua is so sweet and kind and made it to the party! 

princess daphne!

tinkerbell (her head may have popped right before this picture.)

backpack with swords. 

the little mermaid

so much balloon chaos going on, but we must eat cake too!

silly friends

a fire breathing dragon

coen's amazing teacher, aunty mae
wait. the balloon man in still here?

what about me?

whew. what a day. after they party coen asked, "that was so fun. can we do it again?" and i very softly said, "not for another year."

happy birthday coen, fish on!