Thursday, March 20, 2014

march 1.0

march started out with, the great friend sleepover. wes and i got invited to an adult only (as in NO KIDS ALLOWED) party. gasp! what does that even mean? like, people go to parties without their children? absurd. but we did it. and we had a blast. and we wouldn't have been able to stay out and have so much fun of it wasn't for our super great friends who brought their super great kids over and had a family sleepover. we came home to coen and esme asleep on his bedroom floor, it was adorable. 

the BIG news this month is that coen made it to 1,000 on his number roll at school. we are so proud of him! from 0-1,000 is pretty impressive! they had a dance party at school to celebrate and i think ice cream was also involved. that night he and i counted out 1,000 popcorn kernels and put them in a jar. he took the jar to school the next day and they popped all that pop corn!

for some reason getting to 1,000 meant that he was ready to sleep on the top bunk. he has informed us that he is never sleeping on the bottom again. 

my helper. i decided it was time to clean out marin's closet, she thought her drawers needed some work. she is such a monster.

up to the volcano for a week day bowling date, and fun running wild in the grass. also, it was chilly chilly up there!

i noticed it had become oddly quiet and went to investigate. i found m sitting at the playroom table with the pretend cookies placed on a cookies sheet. she was so proud of herself. i love love the pretend play stage of toddler-hood.

weekend fun at the hilo coffee mill. of course it's all fun and games till a rooster steals your cookie.

ice cream cones and park play.

coen begged me to have a fire with him out on our lanai. we always tell him that it is not a kid thing. but i couldn't turn him down. i came out to this set up. he is such a romantic at heart.

what do you do when your son brings home 25 lemons from farm school? juice them of course! he did most of the work, and i made lemon sorbet for his class. but i still have about 5 cups of lemon juice.

back before chirstmas our dog, lily survived a horrific collision with  a car. then early this month a mysterious lump showed up on her leg. a biopsy showed that it was not a good lump, and our vet suggested that it be removed asap. so it was. and several hundreds of dollars later she is back to playing ball. she is quite certainly a very lucky have us as her owner. coen felt compelled to write a thank you note to our vet, dr kapust.

lily has a green face, i don't know why. but also, i love this boy.

last week marin and i spent the morning at farm school. she LOVES it there so much, and i really enjoyed spending time with the class.

group time.

snack time.

garden time. 

hanging out for the st. patty's day parade.

the best coffee dates, who don't even drink coffee.

 st. patty's day was the official launch of coen's spring break. i took the kiddos out for a special big breakfast. i don't know if i have made this clear on the blog,  but marin is WILD. so this was no easy feat to scale a restaurant by myself. none the less, i succeeded. my secret? giving her a side of whip cream while we waited for our food.  

the most gigantic pancakes he has ever seen.

after our big morning out we packed up the car and road tripped over to kona, stopping at the punaluu bake shop for ice cream and fresh air.

so yeah, that puts us to now. which is smack in the middle of a great stay-cation in kona. we are soaking up lots of sun, saltwater and endless hours in the pool. it's half spring break and half celebrating coen's upcoming birthday. does this mean that i am officially up to date on the blog? whew! stay tuned for all the sunny details from our trip.

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