Saturday, March 29, 2014

march 24, 2014

monday we celebrated mr coen's 5th birthday. i much prefer to not have his party on his actually birthday. it is too much for all of us. but especially for me, i mean it was my BIRTH day too, and i want to enjoy the day reflecting on the moment i met this sweet boy for the first time. now that coen is five we have settled into some fun birthday traditions. my favorite being the birthday cupcake in bed. this was one thing i always said i would do before i even have kids. and this was the best year yet, for this tradition. (when he turned two he just started crying hysterically).
 i think five is going to have a lot of  best yet moments.

since his bday fell on the first monday back after spring break, i figured he should go to school. but i was so happy to see how much he wanted to be a school. he kept tell me, "let's go already. i am sure my friends are waiting to see me and say happy birthday!"

so after the cake in bed we got ready and came downstairs to a few bday decorations and had fun playing with balloons!

all of his friends were very excited to see him. everyone ran up and hugged him. i went back that afternoon with some festive party gear and supplies for ice cream sundaes.

afterschool we came home to call and face time with 500 people. coen requested cheeseburgers, tater tots, and cantaloupe for dinner. and he asked for a cake with "chocolate in the middle with sprinkles on top that you can cut." i took that has an excuse to grab a good old fashion grocery store bakery cake.
some good friends joined us for dinner, and coen spent the evening eating and opening gifts. a birthday success!

happiest birthday wishes mr coen scott, we love you!
heaven blew every trumpet and
played every horn on the wonderful,
marvelous, night you were born! 

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