Thursday, October 30, 2014

marin is two!

today is our sweet baby girl's second birthday! yea, marin! all morning coen kept saying, "i just can't believe it has been 2 years!" i agree. it has been going by so stupid fast. somedays i feel like i can't keep up, and other seem slow and steady. marin has become such a fun, silly, active little girl. we love every bit of her little self. 
such a little mama.

she is great at keeping herself busy. so very busy.
dressing up and showing off.

loves painting, and projects. anything her big brother does, she is game for. 

sweet and wild. gives her mama a heart attack on a regular basis.
 YOU are exactly what God knew we needed.
YOU came to us at the most perfect time.
YOU are loved.

happy birthday, baby girl. 

ocober wrap-up

quick recap on october.
costume making. 

swim lessons.

i got to meet this sweet fresh baby. hello, drew!

picnic lunch with some adorable kinders. 

"hey mama, i look good today. take my picture." 
park play with besties.
pink hair for pink out day.
speaking of hair, i chopped about 10 inches off of mine! so. much. cooler.

so a diver and a gold fish walk into a sushi bar. 

 we had a spooky good time celebrating kaelen's 5th birthday!
school friends!
baby hui friends!
late night pie feast.
after pie, a jumping fest! these are super blurry, but it was a wild good time at 11pm so it had to be documented.

fall break

in Hawaii the schools take a fall break. we start school a month earlier, so I guess that is the reason behind it. anyway, it was nice to have coen home with us for a week. we all missed the routine of school though, and the good news is that he was eager to go back! here is how we sent out week:

happy birthday, lilla!

teach them young. 

breakfast date calls for hot cocoa...
...and creamer shots.

photos by coen:


lots of art. 
these are fish dressed up in costumes going to a Halloween party. in case you needed an explanation.
movie and mall date with miss harper!

the grand finale was miss Daphne's bday party! happy birthday, sweet girl!