Monday, October 6, 2014


coen went to one day of kindergarten and then all hawaii county schools shut down in preparation of hurricane iselle. there was all this exciting build up for school to start, and then in a creepy way everything was just quiet. i was not any bit worried about the storm. i thought it was all media build up. then my husband came home with loads of water, canned food, and a satellite phone from work.  my husband doesn't get worried about anything, let alone willingly go to the grocery store! so i started to be a tiny bit concerned. i ran out and bought a french press and some ground coffee, just in case we were without power. it all ended up being fine. we used the french press because, why not? but we only lost power for a few hours in the middle of the night. don't get me wrong, this was a very big storm, and i am glad we were as prepared as we were. we were also very lucky, other parts of the island got a much harder hit. it ended up giving us a few more family days before we jumped into the routine of "real school".

first, how cute is she?

it was so nice and sunny leading up to the storm.
 i guess it is as they say, the calm before the storm.
(but who are "they"?)

fish pancakes!
target had this pallet out at the entry of the store. storm staples.

we took a drive as the rain started to scope out how hilo was prepping for iselle. 


then we headed home to bunker down, tighten the hatches, and boogie board in the rain.

oh, and do play dough.

annnnnd, report the weather.
and and, just as the windows started rattling, wes fell asleep.

 the morning brought sunshine, chirping birds and a steamy french press.
the kids wanted to get outside and inspect the damage. we found loads of avocados that had been blown from our trees. we even found mangoes! except we don't have a mango tree! and wes took down an 80 pound bunch of bananas. it was quite the bounty.

this is normally a small trickle of a river.

but it swallowed whole trees for breakfast.

flooded soccer fields.

 rainbow falls.
honolii beach park.

this is typically a big grassy lawn, loads of debris washed up.



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