Monday, October 6, 2014

school days

so here is the truth, real school is so much different than preschool. last year i could wander in a little after nine in my pj's to drop coen off and maybe even stay for a cup of coffee. coen's school schedule could adjust around marin's schedule. not the case now. it's so serious and real. first of all i don't know these people so i feel like i can't show up in my pj's. we have to follow to school schedule, so poor marin just gets dragged around regardless of whether she was still sleeping. but it's good. it is this very structure and routine that i always loved about school. coen loves it too. while he is working hard in school, marin is playing hard. i know it won't be long before she starts telling her brother all the fun stuff she does while he's away. once she starts fully talking, none of secrets will be safe!

a park date with sophie! 
 open house night!

coen's wonderful teacher sent these homework kits home with each student.

and let me tell you, he has loads of homework! 

he's a cool kid! 

sometimes you and your bestie need to go out for pancakes. and creamer shots. 

more homework! 
ha'aheo elementary school. she is such a gem. this is our view every morning when we walk to school.

 taking marin along to the vet is like her most favorite chore, ever.

 but she liked the beach too.

it's serious when his thinking tongue is out. 


 one of the best parts of my day is checking coen's daily homework binder. why am i so weird?
since mr c has been a rock star with drop offs and transitions, i came to school for a picnic lunch. he got to pick 2 friends to have lunch with us. he picked 2 very sweet, chatty girls. he loves to talk, and the girls can keep up with him! i am looking forward to weekly picnic lunch with my favorite kinder.

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