Wednesday, October 8, 2014

hawaii county fair

it's become and annual fall tradition to go to the hawaii county fair. some of you may remember the year we adopted our cat 'a'a from the fair, here is that blog post if you want to go down memory lane. anyway, we did not adopt and new (living) animals this year. we did however, hold some adorable baby bunnies.

we also ate corn dogs. very very good corn dogs. 

we happened to run into coen's very good friend, cooper. it was such a perfect spontaneous meet up, the boys had so much silly fun together.

marin did not agree with all the fun. she felt very sad and left out.

we talked the boys into going on a couple rides together, without parents. wahoooo! it was a milestone event for sure. i wish i could have heard their conversations inside the rides. so many giggles. 

coen really wanted to play some carnival games. we found one that only cost $3. you had to roll 3 balls down a ramp and score less than 7 or more than 21 to win. just before he played i looked him in the eyes and explained to him that he was probably not going to win, so to have fun. i added a, "we are only playing once." he looked at me and said, "well...what if i DO win." i assured him that he most definetly wouldn't, so just have fun. 1. 2. 3. he rolled the balls and by golly, he won! i couldn't even believe it. all the adults cheered. all the adults that were also playing the game.

and that is how this giant stuffy with even giant-er eyes joined our family.
welcome to the family, clementine. 

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