Sunday, October 5, 2014

summer in seattle

so here is a very sad story. i took 50 billion pictures of our summer mainland trip on my iPhone. during the very last 5 days of our 3 week trip, marin jumped into the freezing pacific ocean fully dressed and i went in after her. also fully dressed, and with my iPhone in my back pocket. certainly we are thankful that i was able to grab marin, but my phone did not survive. i am still mourning the loss of all the photos. it has been my hang up in updating the blog. but i am pushing thru and digging up all i can to document our fabulous trip.

we flew into seattle on the 4th of july, just in time to meet up with my brother and his family for some festive celebrating. the kids traveled so great on the flight over. we scored an extra seat for marin to have her car seat, a total bonus. we met my brother in the city at a rooftop party. it was a fabulous way to celebrate independence day.

the rest of the week was full of lots and lots of cousin time. these kids have so much fun together. they are silly, creative, and so clearly related. seeing them together makes my heart almost burst with love, and i miss them just as much now that we are home.
washington style beaching.

never ending party in the front yard.


another trip to the museum of flight. i have lost track, i think that was our 4th visit?!  
living aloha. i heart these faces!
here is a horrible picture to represent our ride on the seattle great wheel. the kids LOVED it. i was totally terrified and will never, i repeat NEVER do it again.   

these two. they just can't get enough of each other. 2 silly heads that love to just hang out a be silly together. aunt geri found them laying in bed chatting the morning we had to leave. such sweetness.

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