Monday, August 25, 2014

haze of summer

so we hosted guests, sold our house, moved into town, coen graduated and then, just like that the dust settled. we worked hard to check some things off coen's summer bucket list before our mainland trip. here is a look back on some not so lazy summer of days.
lots and lots of starbucks. 

science day at the library.

and a library card of his very own!

spontaneous growth spurt naps. 

ok this is good. in a desperate effort to get some laundry folded, I filled the water table with shaving cream thinking, "oh this will keep them busy for a while." ha! 3 minutes later I came back so much messy fun and giggles. shaving cream everywhere from the lanai to the living room.

vacation bible school! 

new toms!

 ice cream!

getting our pamper on. 

kindergarten summer camp. 

a new surf board, what?!?!

dog days of summer. 

fear not, these two have everything under control. 

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