Monday, August 18, 2014

late-ish may

the end of may is when things got really crazy. moving is SO much work. we got rid of five-hundred-billion things. and still had a million things left to move. how does that happen? since we didn't find a house to buy we ended up renting a darling little plantation house about 800 feet from the beautiful pacific ocean. it is a huge downsize, which is actually quite liberating. but i had to pack for things that went to the rental and things that went to storage. now that it is over i am happy to say that it is all just stuff and i don't know why i thought i needed it before. it feels oddly good to use every inch of space in your house...and by golly we are! 
the donate pile!

moving day!

leaving the old house with the kids and pets. 

and the unpacking begins...

we did SO much in such small amount of time. two days after the move gami and pop pop arrived and we wanted to have as much unpacked as possible. i don't actually remember a few days here, but i know they must have happened! to celebrate coen's 5th birthday gami and pop pop took us on a helicopter ride to see lava. it was very, very cool. Thank you!

beach day is everyday when you live so close. 

i am smitten for this tiny soul. you can tell even he was worn out from the chaos of the past few weeks. i am so impressed with how well the kids handled the transition. i think they like the small house better, we are always close together! 

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