Sunday, August 17, 2014

class of 2014

on may 30 coen graduated from moon garden farm school. gah. i can't even begin to tell you how much we love aunty mae and her school. i often refer to her school as "magical" and it was nothing short of that. the love and learning that went on over the past year surpassed any expectation i had going in. individually coen learned so much. however, the biggest joy to us is that he learned to be an active part of a learning community. it was a blessing and a gift that coen was able to be a part of the 2014 graduating class at moon garden farm school.

i will be honest. i cried 3 times that morning of graduation, before i even dropped him off. i was not sad because he is growing up. i am so very thankful that he is strong, healthy, and growing. but i will say that i was very sad to say goodbye to a very special season of life. if i could keep him at farm school forever, i would. but i know that God has great things for this boy, and i know that i can't simply freeze time. (even if kind of i want to!)

the graduation program was exactly perfect. the whole group preformed some adorable songs. each child memorized a shel silverstien poem, and then the graduates each presented a thesis presentation on a topic of their very own choice. after the presentations, they changed into caps and gowns and each received their diplomas. there may have been a few tears, okay a lot. but all from the audience, the kids rocked it. such a reflection of how safe they feel at farm school.

coen chose metamorphosis for his thesis. he created his poster board, and presented all the facts. he even took questions at the end. we are so proud of you, coen! 

congratulation, harper! 

congratulations, cooper! 

congratulations, coen!

we love you, aunty mae!

moon garden farm school class of 2014



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