Sunday, August 17, 2014

island hoping

back in april we hopped over to oahu to meet up with the fukutomi family. it sounds complicated when i try to explain who the fukutomi's are, but it's actually pretty simple...they are family. the youngest little fukutomi was competing in a fancy cheer competition in honolulu. we had a blast hanging out by the pool, playing on the beach, and watching so much cheerleading. thanks for letting us sweep in and crash your vacation. it was so very good to see you!

and we are off.
 they're mine. all mine.
noodle bar. yummy bar.

quite simply, too. much. fun. 

good morning, honolulu.

and hello, swimming pool. 
 poolside napping.

cousins in a hammock.

and on the beach.

so much cheer spirit my heart was bursting. 

always time for a coffee break...

and lots of spam musubi breaks.

go mari, go!

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