Monday, August 18, 2014


 a couple weeks after we moved into the rental my lovely cousin nikki came to visit. she is a teacher so as soon as school was out she jumped on a plane to come see us. we were so lucky to have her. she flew in and out of kona which gave us an excuse to do some of our favorite kona things. we were still settling into our new place, so we did a lot of hanging out, a lot of shopping, and had way too much fun. it should be illegal.

mr c gets car sick. we spent a good amount of time on the side of the
road on our way to pick nikki up from the airport.

but i rewarded him with kona brewing company for lunch!

date night? what? thanks for watching the munchkins!

swim, swim little fishy...

coen had his last soccer game of the season, and she was there. oh, snap.

and some father's day fishing.

and lots of good eatin'

to catch her return flight we headed off to the resort for a night.
 it was amazing and just what all of us needed! 

we know its hard to get all the way out to the middle of the pacific ocean. it means so much to us when someone comes to visit. we love sharing this island with the people we love. thanks for coming nikki, come back soon! 

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