Monday, August 18, 2014

early-ish may

the entire month of may was a complete blur for me. probably for all of us. we sold our house, looked at 25 different houses with hope of buying, found no new house, moved into a rental, graduated coen from preschool, and hosted guests. we probably did even more things, but those are the highlights. thank goodness i was snapping pictures along the way, because it was a month that i can look back on and wonder how we even survived it. i can already say that we are better for it. life has slowed down and simplified tremendously, which was our original goal. here are some pictures from the crazy whirlwind of early may.

picking papa up from the airport

pancakes with papa

fishing with papa

sleepover with papa
slip dipity sliding

sharing ice cream

mama's day crepe making

farm school fishing

good morning sweet girl!

a nap in the shop for the shop baby. 

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