Sunday, October 5, 2014


after a super fun week in seattle, the kids and i flew down to medford. wes had work to do in denver so he missed out on all the fun, and also on the 105 degree weather. we packed a lot of hanging out into our week. it is always fun to fly into the medford airport. pretty much the whole town comes out to greet us. ok, maybe not...but close. 

we tried our very very best to spend as much time hanging out at grandma's house as possible. nana bought the kids a pool, and we had a freezer stocked with otter pops.


as soon as the sun started to set we would head out for some street play. coen learned to ride a two wheel bike when we were in seattle, so he was very excited to ride around grandma's neighborhood. our cousin jordan came to hang out too, the kids both love him.

we pretended it was cool enough for a fire pit and smores. 

grandma love.

fav aunts master pony. 

 we met up with a friend and her son, alton. marin and alton are only 1 day apart in age. and they are going to get married one day. also without any planning marin and alton had coordinating outfits on from babygap. #thelencookwedding #aftercollegeofcourse

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