Sunday, October 5, 2014


last summer my dad took coen out fishing on klamath lake. it was a game changer for coen. he was totally and completely obsessed from that moment on. they caught a big fish that day, and coen loved every minute of it. well this year papa promised that they would go back and do the best they could to catch another big one.  coen slept over the night before, and you can see he was still sporting his macaroni necklace and face paint from the children's festival. they woke up super duper early, like 4:30am, to get up to the lake before it got to hot. it was about 8am when i awoke to phone call with a very excited little boy telling me, "mama we got a big fish!"  i would place a bet that coen was the cutest little fisherman on the whole lake. but then again, i am pretty biased. thanks papa john for the great trip and huge memories!

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