Sunday, September 18, 2011

here kitty kitty

welcome, 'a 'a! 
(pronounced ah, ah)

'a 'a is a rough and rocky type of lava flow, and this little kitten is a little rough around the edges. it was simply meant to be. well, as far as i was concerned. wes needed some major convincing. here is the story of how 'a 'a became part of our family. friday night we headed out to the hawaii county fair. while browsing through the 4-h tent coen and i happened upon the humane society booth. wes quickly moved past us. we oohed and awed over this little kitten and wes shook his head in total disapproval. i put up a REALLY good fight for this kitten to come home with us, but to no avail. we drove home with no kitten, and i pouted the whole way. now, we really really didn't want to have another cat. both wes and i agreed on that when we moved to the island and had to leave our cat behind. but for some reason when i spotted this sweet raggedy guy i threw it out the window. imagine that, emotion throwing logic out the window. when i woke up staurday morning i still had kitten on the brain. i had a "logical" conversation with wes, and was soon on the phone to the humane society to see if he was still available. next thing i knew i was driving to target to pick up the necessities and then driving home from the humane society with a cat on my head. the end. 

coen is obsessed, and the cat will be lucky to live to it's first birthday. 

hey coen, where is 'a 'a? 
oh, um...he's in my box. so he won't leave. 

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  1. Hurray! Emotion beats logic! And if you think about it what is more logical than loving that amazingly cute scraggly kitten. He is amazing. Coen is too ;) too precios for words! Miss you, Mrs. Jenni.