Saturday, September 24, 2011

a birthday and a half

today was namaste' the white bengal tiger's 13th birthday and we got invited to his birthday party at the zoo. okay, so did everyone else. it was pretty packed. it turns out that coen is becoming more like his dad and having large crowd anxiety. he wasn't really interested in being around all the people, he just wanted to see the frogs (his favorite right now) and the monkey's (always my favorite). so we went with it, and he warmed up eventually.

namaste' was feeling lazy and slept the whole time we were there, but i borrowed this picture from the pana'ewa rainforest zoo so that you could get a look at the birthday boy. he sure is pretty!

after a tour of the frogs, coen decided he wanted to play the treasure chest game and he won! oh wait, it's an everyone wins game. good thing, cause two-year-olds don't take loosing very well.

and look at this cute mama peacock and her sweet little babe. did you know that the big beautiful peacocks are actually the boys? the ladies are quite brown and boring. just stating the facts.

we even discovered a little bit of fall while we where out. this viney canopy was blooming with vibrant orange blossoms. i took fifty million pictures of it, here are six. 

here is proof that fallen leaves do in fact exist on the island. 

oh, and also wes likes to sit on park benches. but you knew that. 

annnnnnnd it just so happens that exactly two and a half years ago today this little skeleton came into our lives and shook things up. yup, it's coen's half birthday and in two-year-old fashion he has been kind of a train wreck today. but we still love him, and he adores his new pj's. i had to seriously work him to get them off and washed since he peed in them. i really don't think he cared one bit, pee and all. 

happy {half} birthday scary scary skeleton boy. 

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