Sunday, September 18, 2011

hawaii county fair

it's county fair time here in hilo, and we don't really know what that means but we decided we best check it out. so friday night we headed out and ended up having a pretty darn good time. the best part about taking your 2.5 year old to the fair is that they are too small for rides, and don't understand that you could actually pay money to play the games. so we got out of there pretty cheap. i totally understand that these days are limited, and we will enjoy them while the last. 

i love watching coen's face when he experiences something new for the first time. 
this is one of the many joys of being a parent. 
he was just in awe of the lights, music, and people. 

the 4-h tent was a lot of fun. he liked seeing the animals, and riding the tractors. 
we also had a run-in with the humane society booth...details to come! 

you cannot, i repeat can NOT go to the county fair without eating a funnel cake. 
it is a crime, and i will turn you in if i find out about you. 

just as we were full of funnel cake and ready to head home i spotted this, 
"no time limit, everyone wins" game. 
so coen stepped up to catch a turtle, and win a prize. 

it was way harder than it looked, coen kinda lost interest, but wes saved the day!

the prize...a laser light sword! 
totally and completely something we really needed. 

 oh yeah, we are all about the hawaii county fair...see you next year! 

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