Monday, September 12, 2011

pioneer woman

i came across a recipe on pinterest that i thought looked delicious, as most things on pinterest do. over the weekend i pulled the recipe up and it just so happened to be from the now-famous-blogger, the pioneer woman. i know of her, but have never ever visited her blog let alone cooked one of her meals. shocking, right? well let me just say this, i am hooked. this meal was amazing and easy and delicious and a huge hit with my boys. huge. annnnnnd, it just so happens that the food network gave her her very own show! it starts this saturday, and i have already set the dvr. told you i was hooked. i think i am going to try one new pioneer woman recipe a week. lordy lou, i better start working out.

so here is it, the pioneer woman's grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta.  a couple things, coen looooved it, so i have no reason to think that your kids won't either. also, it makes A LOT and would be great to serve if you are having company. we may or may not be eating the left overs tonight, because i may or may not be refusing to leave the house today, and may or may not have an empty fridge/pantry. you'll never know. 

i do know this, the pioneer woman is kind of a big deal. i mean she has her own show now, so i am a little bit jumping on the train a little late. if you have been a fan of hers and have some recommendations of good pioneer woman recipes, send them my way. my stomach is growling. oh, and below is my version. i hope those left overs make it till dinner time. 

side note: her pictures of food are stunning, i had no idea pictures are food could be so captivating. so aside from being a good cook, she is also a good food photographer. i think photographing food is tricky. 

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