Thursday, September 22, 2011

looks like you chose shut

i'm standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. my wild thing (coen, not wes) walks by with the kitten (who is being held upside down) and tosses him into the playroom and shuts the door leaving it open just a crack. as he peaks in at the cat the following dialogue takes place;

coen: "you are not being a sweet boy. when you are ready to be sweet you can join us again.
would you like the door open or shut?"


coen: "oh, it looks like you chose shut." 

{door slams}

coen: "mama, he is not being a sweet boy" 

me: "he isn't? that's a bummer."  

coen: "his crying hurts my ears!" 

me: "yes, crying hurts my ears too."

coen: "i'm going to check on him." 

{cracks door} 

coen: "are you ready to be a sweet boy and join us? your not? well, your crying hurts my ears, 
i will come and get you when you are ready to be a sweet boy."

{door slams again} 

wild thing is now occupied with something else. probably being a superhero.

the kitten is thrilled to be playing alone in the playroom. safe. 

can you guess how many times coen has lived this very scenario? 

your guess is as good as mine. i lost count. but clearly he is paying attention. 

bless his sweet wild soul. 

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