Sunday, September 18, 2011

bringing up boys

i have officially finished up parenting with love and logic, although i still need to catch up on the blogging notes. like i said before, i love going back and blogging out a chapter, it helps me retain more of the information. but i am excited to tell you about the next book i am reading, bringing up boys, by dr james dobson. i just started last night and invite you to read along with me, or follow my blog for the "cliffs notes" version. 

i thought this paragraph from the first chapter summed up boys pretty well, 

if you host a birthday party for five year olds, the boys will probably behave very differently from the girls. one or more of them is likely to throw cake, put his hands in the punch bowl, or mess up the games for the girls. why are they like this? some would say their mischievous nature has been learned from the culture. really? then why are boys more aggressive in every society around the globe? and why did the greek philosopher plato write more that 2,300 years ago, "of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable"?

oh boy, oh boy! happy parenting! 

ps: if you don't have a boy there is a girl version, bringing up girls. although i won't be blogging about that one. not yet anyway. 

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