Monday, September 12, 2011

a new beach

 we have been working very hard in our yard the past couple of weeks. those of you who have visited us know how insane and overwhelming our yard is. i kind of wanted to post some pictures of what we have done, but unless you have been here it wouldn't look like much. so i am going to save the pictures for when we have made a little more progress. this way my feelings don't get hurt. 

coen is usually a trooper in the yard. we set up some toys and snacks and he kind of just rolls with it. usually. this weekend when he saw us getting our gloves on he said, "ahhhh i don't want to move more rocks." that should have been my warning that he was spent. should. have. been. after a couple hours of trying to keep him happy/entertained/stable we decided to call it quits. we headed out to a new little beach in hilo for an evening picnic and swim. 

 coen is getting more and more interested in playing in the ocean. 
this is a big step from just playing in the sand next to the ocean. 
it also means we have get off our booty's and play in the ocean too. 

speaking of, he got a little boogie board lesson from wes. 
it was so so cute to watch them ride the waves. 
i was trying to capture the cuteness, and i captured a full water submersion! 
coen shook it off pretty good, he said he was "like a real surfer." 

after a good swim we enjoyed a delicious quinoa salad picnic, even coen loved it. 
we also enjoyed this rainbow.
hey, new beach that i can't remember your actual name, we'll be back! 

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