Friday, September 23, 2011

for the love of fall

today is officially the first day of fall. i blogged a while back about how i was excited to create new fall memories and traditions on the island, even though i wasn't quite sure what that would look like. i am determined to look outside the box of traditional fall and discover what the island has to offer this time of year. 

to get myself inspired i printed off this fall bucket list that i found on pinterest. i am 99% sure that we can accomplish a version of all these things. and hey, maybe next year i will be able to add a few new items to the list. if your heart loves fall, (or maybe it doesn't, but it should) you can print this lovely bucket list off and join us in making the best of this wonderful season, no matter where you live! 

earlier this week i was driving down by the bayfront and my jaw dropped open at the sight of the orange, red, and yellow trees lining the street. nope not your typical fall leaves changing, but the most beautiful blooming flowers just bursting with color. as i drove along the tree lined street it almost felt like i was back in washington. the colors were just breathtaking. 

so on this beautiful first day of fall coen and i set out for an adventure to celebrate the season. first mission: to get up close and personal with some very very beautiful fall-ish tress. 

i didn't lie did i? they are just gorgeous! our next order of business was a trip to the most adorable candy store on earth, sugar coast candy. i let coen pick out anything he wanted. seriously. i gave him total freedom and he grabbed a tootsie roll and some sixlets and thirty seven cents later we were on our way. 

of course a day out to celebrate the first day of  fall would not be complete without having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. thank goodness starbucks cranks it's air conditioning, i actually curled up in a cozy chair and sipped on my hot fall-in-a-cup, while i chatted with my sweet cake pop eating date. (yes, the candy store AND a cake's a special day. geese.) 

such a fun day out with my little man, who is now napping peacefully. tonight i am cooking up a pot of chilli and cornbread, and to finish off our first day of fall celebration we will give coen some new halloween pj's. i have a serious problem with holiday pj's, and when i spotted these from old navy i fell in love with the pumpkin heart. i mean really, so cute. 

 wishing you a big warm happy fall day, enjoy where you are and love who you're with!

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