Monday, August 29, 2011

i'm diggin' it

fall is my favorite time of year. sure, i like the chilly fall weather. but mostly it is a season of transition into the holiday season, and i love that. this time of year also reminds me of our wedding, and next to the day coen was born, it was the best day of my life. i am struggling with fall this year, however. the days aren't going to grow shorter, the chill in the air won't last quite as long, and i am not sure how a pumpkin spiced latte will taste...iced. at first i planned to jump on a plane for a fall get-away, soak myself in all things fall for a week or so.

of course, i would still love this. but we are planning another mainland tour over chirstmas, so it just seems a bit excessive (and expensive!). it got me thinking; every time i miss something from home, i can't just run back there to experience it. first of all, i have a very nostalgic memory and the honest truth is, most of what i crave isn't a reality. second, it's really the people i miss, not the weather. we get more rain here than any place we have ever lived, yes even seattle. so i have "fall" weather days all year round, they are just mixed with lots more sun filled days. lastly, fall happens...even in hawaii. it's true, and i am excited to create fall memories and traditions in our new home. with that said, my mind has gone fall and these are some of the things i am digging for this, my most favorite season.

freshly sharpened pencils.
i can't help but browse through the school supplies.
it is refreshing.

pinterest. have you experienced it?
an online catalog of all your favorite things.
it has changed the way i organize my recipes.
i feel inspired to try out new things.
don't hesitate, follow me!

pumpkin love.
we actually have a pumpkin patch
on the island. can't wait.
i have been telling coen all about dressing up.
he asks me to look a costumes online everyday.
that, makes my heart melt.

quinoa salad. yum.
thanks to pinterest, i have been trying out new recipes.
such a good picnic lunch.

chicken coops.
currently we are designing a perfect coop.
i have lots of ideas, but not totally sure
what route we will go.
the important thing is, early next year
we will have chickens!

of course, these two!
i dig them the most. they are really great.

some days i feel guilty about how good coen is.
really, he will play all day by himself.
i know this is good, but i need to play with him more.
even if he doesn't ask for it.

we are also looking froward to more visitors this fall and if things go well, a full house for thanksgiving. our summer trip was very much needed, but the best part was coming back and felling like we were home. what are you looking forward to this fall? if you have any good fall recipes or ideas get on pinterest and pin 'em, do it!

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