Thursday, August 25, 2011

the darnedest things...

this child kills me. i wish i could record him all day long and post a live web stream of the things he come up with. or better yet, bottle a teeny tiny bit of him up and tuck it away for future days, when i long for these moments again. for now, i will just share a few of them and you will have to imagine it coming from his cute little self.

after picking out a new airplane toy at target he says,
"i am going to take this home and show it to my friend, daddy!"

while staring at a bottle of water that had a flower on the label he says,
"IF the flower is in the lady's hair, then it means that it is a
big airplane with big engines and it goes really fast."
(referring to the hawaiin airlines logo)

while we were dropping wes off at his car he says,
"thanks for driving, daddy."
(um, you mean thanks for riding?)

when someone asked him where he was when he bumped his head he replied,
"oh, in the national park"

when he asks us where a certain toy or object is,
and we replied that we don't know he says,
"well, just keep looking."
(thanks for the encouragement)

this morning he was yelling for me from upstairs, "mama! mama! mama!"
i came running to the balcony, he looked down at me and says,
"i just want to snuuuuuuuggle you!"

every time we pull up to our house he yells,
"look! coen's new house!

i ask, "coen are you going to go play with daddy?" he answers,
"yes, daddy is a great daddy."

when we walk into a group of people and they say,
"hi coen!" he replies very quickly,
"i'm just doing pretty good."
(in case they were wondering.)

some of his current catch phrases that we hear all day long in various situations:
"that is unacceptable!"
"it's okay if i poop."
"hello, customer!"
"i've got a great idea."
"i want to be a sweet boy."
"i just want to relax"
"i want to do like mama dos"

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