Sunday, August 21, 2011

rain forest adventures

these past couple weeks hilo has lived up to it's reputation as, the rainy side. lots and lots of rain. it is a constant reminder that we live in a lush and beautiful rain forest. i have said this before, but i actually love the rainy weather. the nice thing about rainy hawaii weather is that it's 75-80 degrees outside. so you can enjoy the warmth of summer and the beauty of rain all at one time. the nice thing about our house is that it is up towards the mountain, so you can even cuddle up under a blanket at night. it's a beautiful thing. the only time that rain can be a downer is when you have company. this is when i want it to be clear and sunny so we can beach it all day long. that wasn't the case for much of my aunts visit, but we couldn't stay inside all day, so we headed out for some exciting adventures, rain or shine.

touching bamboo at the pana'ewa rainforst zoo.

hiking down to aka falls. (or in coen's case, being carried)

and always a favorite that never ever gets old, thurston lava tube!

who loves hawaii volcanoes national park?
they do! they do!

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