Thursday, August 11, 2011

goodbye, mainland!

after three weeks away, it was time to head back to the island. we had such a great visit with so so many special people. (of course, we missed some of you but will try hard to make it up on our next trip.) when the crummy weather hits this winter, our door is open... we love visitors!

we flew out early saturday morning so we headed up to shanny's house on friday. we are so blessed to have mike and shanny in our lives. they open their wonderful home up to us, we come in like a storm, tear it apart, eat their food, and then just like that...we leave. :) our evening at their house was extra special because we got to visit with some old friends, and my nieces.

these two i tell ya, get them together and they work up mischief.

a little backyard ring around the rosy.

coen. daphne. bella. gianna.

thank you yet again, mike and shanny, for letting us whirl through your house. it was so fun to see you guys...get over here soon! xo

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